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Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
thing about technology businesses in the internet is that a company can become a global brand and get global reach in a stunningly quick period of time. that's what e-bay did in its first five to ten years. he became a global phenom in a stunningly short period of time. just as you can disrupt, you can be disrupted. ebay when i got there was beginning to be disrupted itself. >> charlie: by? the way disruption happens it doesn't come directly at you. product search didn't exist when ebay started. google had started. craigslist had started. what we needed to do was to face up to the reality of the change and in essence reinvent e-bay with today's tech, what was today's technology and internet and reimagine, reinvent the company. >> charlie: did some people come to you and say if you do this, you're going to cannibalize what we have. >> absolutely. at some point you have to choice. the dilemma in technology is either you cannibalize yourself or someone else is going to do it. we took the tough medicine, labeled it a turn around. no one liked it at first. that allowed us to focus on f
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
a limited role in the future. the present generation of nuclear technology is way too expensive. if you run a utility and you decide to build a new nuclear power plant, you go to your engineers or you go to any engineering consulting firm in the world and ask,okay, how much will this cost. they will say to you we really have no idea. >> right. >> then ask you them how long will it take to build it. and they'll say we don't know. >> and those are serious problems if you are trying to build a power plant. and that's really why the industry has declined. to state the issues, even after fukushima, can-- it can be managed. >> rose: so it's the cost, not the safety. >> it's the cost and it's the nature of the, of the cost accounting. they're only in a thousand to 1200 megawatts, that means that they used to cause 4 or 500 million, now it's 5, 6, 8 billion dollars. if takes a long time. you don't want to build increments that are that big that take that long. particularly in an age like the '70s after the oil shocks where you don't know what conservation and efficiency and renewables will
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
you can tip with your cell phone, that is where technology -- >> technology makes culture. >> i was having a great time sort of commuting back and forth between here and new york and never really thinking about this as a place that i would build a permanent life. and one of the reasons that was, was because it wasn't a city where people were really taking responsible for themselves any more. there was no civic-- you know there was no sense that you do get the government you deserve. you need to fight to make things better. i mean i grew newspaper a small town in mississippi but there was more civic activism in a place like that, still, now, than there was in new orleans for a long time. people just had kind of given up. oh, the school system will never be okay so we're not going to do anything about it we'll just move out of the district. or you know of course young people are being to leave because there's no jobs. i mean our jobs, talking about the super bowl, we always do big parties well. i don't know if you were at the republican convention in '88 was one of the greatest conven
Feb 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
soft openings for a year. >> hmmmm. >> because you are using technology that has never been done before. the flying in spider-man has never been done in theatre. we were really experiencing. >> trying to make it safer. >> well, you know, yes, trying to make it safer. but the major accident that happened had nothing to do with flying. so let's not get into that. but the point is that we were creating something that was technically avant-garde. it had never been done, even with the la, so we had technical problems and our set design that was supposed to be the coup detheatre to end the show didn't work so we were always struggling to get to the end. >> rose: and you always knew. >> we knew exactly. >> rose: nobody could come to you and say we got problems here. >> of course i knew t i would spend every day, 8 shows a week, whenever you have rehearsals spending time trying to fix it and make it better. >> rose: was this the most pressure you had been under. >> i suppose. >> rose: how did you handle the pressure. >> i worked my ass off. i was surprised when i was told that i had let
Feb 8, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> because? >> because of the technology. you know, when i started as a foreign correspondent hi a notebook in my back pocket and a typewriter and i could-- i never had-- cell phones didn't existment i would disappear for days and days and days. and then i would find a telex machine and punch a tape and i would file. so you had time to find the story, to think about the story. nows that a not is a say we aren't doing a good job today. it's not to say it's not fun but it's not the same. demands are constant, i talk to you 1:00 my time in the middle east and come straight off that and bang i have to dot evening news. that's stimulating and it's fun and we're doing it well, i think, but it's-- there was a time when you could, you could disappear. you could pretend you were henry morton stanley if you were covering africa and that doesn't exist any more. >> rose: the other thing is you do it in a minute and a half box, you tell us a story generally in a minute and a half. >> yeah. >> rose: but what i love about being at cbs, for me, is that you guys are storytellers, that's what you are. >> tha
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
forces like special operations forces, cyber, investing in the kinds of technology going forward. and thats with a choice that was made, frankly n the budget going forward. >> the president promised to withdraw from iraq, de. the president promised to withdraw from january 2014 and he is. but has the mission in afghanistan been successful? >> yeah, well, a couple of points on that. first of all i think you're correct to point out that one of the maj procedure jokts that we undertook in the first term was to change the footprint of the united states and the world to. change the face of u.s. foreign policy and national security in the world. to move from an era of war, which we have been in for a number of years, to the next phase in terms of american leadership in the world so yes, the president determined as he said during the campaign in 2008 that we would withdraw from iraq and we have withdrawn from iraq an iran asi asi iraq stands on its own as a sovereign state. the president has said in conjunction with our allies, by the way, at the lisbon nato summit and confirmed at the
Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
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Feb 7, 2013 3:00am EST
cognizant technology. >> oh, i like that. i like it a lot, but you know what? i saw an opportunity today, bill mcdermott's s.a.p. he's co-ceo, down from $83.60 to $80. pull the trigger, buy some s.a.p. let's go to bob in nebraska. bob? >> caller: jim, husker big red boo-yah to ya. >> nice. >> caller: i'm wondering about your position on lockheed martin. >> i like lockheed martin. i almost called him my friend, this show is not about friends, dave cote, my neighbor, did say earlier today, the honeywell ceo would rather see automatic u.s. spending cuts than nothing. that would hurt lockheed martin. i do like the stock. let's go to richard in iowa. richard? >> caller: yeah. >> go ahead, richard. >> caller: how are you doing today? >> couldn't be better. how about you? >> caller: oh, just fine. i'd like to know a little bit more about zoetis. >> animal health, pfizer spinoff. we like pfizer, we like zoetis. by the way, let me throw in i like boise cascade, saw those guys this morning. hard-working people. let's go to gary in new york. gary? >> caller: what up, jim, bringing you a big o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)